C5 X7 injectors problem

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C5 X7 injectors problem

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Hello everyone, I have a Citroen C5 X7 2010 2.0HDI RHH and Last weekend I wanted to get the intake mainfold out, Egr and injectors out in order to get cleaned. After that I began to put all the things back in and before puting the injectors and accelerator plugs back in I started The rotor în order to get fuel up into the ramp and injectors, all good by now. After that I connected the plugs to injectors and accelerator mainfold and started The rotor, but before starting The rotor, when The key was turned just before starting position, a relay from BSM started to open and close continously untill I turn key back to 0.also I tried to start The engine but it cranks interrupted just how that relay is clicking. This will be shown in one of The videos. After that I managed to find out that if this o curs, The tester does not connect to ECU AT all. I managed to find out after this that if I unplug The injectors 3 and 4 The clicking is gone and The tester ca-n connect to The ECU and engine cranks and starts in 2 injectors and if I plug The injectors 3 and 4 while running, The engine stops. Any ideas on where to look? I just tried to do something better for my car but IT seems that IT did not want to...
Additional mention, The injectors were verified and they works as New.