2010 Relay 2.2L 4HU Bad acceleration

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2010 Relay 2.2L 4HU Bad acceleration

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I'm new here and had a good look around at previous posts but can't seem to find the answer.

I have a Citroën Relay 2.2 4HU Loloader which when accelerating hard it struggles and kicks out puffs of black smoke. I've only just bought it so I don't know the history. It's quite bad though as when doing 70mph and I go up a hill the van will drop to 50mph.

I've scanned the van and getting fault codes
P0480 low speed s valve control
P0683 pre post heating relay control plug fault
P1304 pilot injection learn
P0100 air flow meter signal
P0110 air temperature signal

Am I right in thinking I need a new MAF sensor to start with and from my research it appears the air intake sensor is built in?

Is the P1304 because I have a faulty injector? Previous posts seems to point that it could be EGR valve related at well?

Any help is gratefully received. Thanks.
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Re: 2010 Relay 2.2L 4HU Bad acceleration

Post by wheeler »

First you need to confirm there are no leaks on the air intake after the turbo, if you get someone to rev the engine sharply can you feel the turbo hoses puffing up? Does it make any difference if you leave the MAF unplugged?