1.6 hdi cranks but won’t start

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1.6 hdi cranks but won’t start

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Hi all
I have a Citroen/Peugeot hdi 1.6 engine in my Ford Fiesta that’s refusing to start. I can crank the engine but it doesn’t do much more.

Im led to believe there’s a fuel issue, I tried to bleed the fuel system using a bulb and could hear air bubbles around the injectors when fuel was being forced into the system but it still will not start.

What could the issue be by how the car sound on the video?

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Re: 1.6 hdi cranks but won’t start

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Welcome along

Impossible to tell by the sound - the only way forward is to get some diagnosis on it to see what the computer is (or isn't) seeing. Did it stop when running, or just refuse to start one morning?