Gearbox oil change warning - not that bolt, NO!

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Gearbox oil change warning - not that bolt, NO!

Post by captainkephart »

Hi All,

100k miles, time to check / change gearbox oil ...

Hahaha #-o

Yes, there's the filler / level plug (nearsidetop right just above front brake disk);
Is that the drain plug? Looks like it, starts to unscrew .... mmm, er this drain plug seems rather long ... but oil is coming out.

Hang about. The book said a plug with a square hole ... this is a normal bolt head. STOP!

I had actually been undoing the bolt that holds the reversing gear actuator lever ... if you take it out completely there will be a clunk as it drops inside then it's gearbox change time, not just oil!

The drain plug is hidden among the engine mounting ... OK, I was careless!
Marc, have you some cutaway diagrams of the gearbox you could post? Assume it's the same on most of the manual boxes?

Ciao, Capn K

PS: The drain plug needs an 8mm square allen key (or a suitably ground down 10mm hex one).
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Re: Gearbox oil change warning - not that bolt, NO!

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Here you go:
Capn Oil A.PNG
(1) Drain plug.
(2) Filling and level plug.
(3) Breather.

N.B. :The breather orifice can be used for filling.

Gearbox Oil Quantities
  • Gearbox empty: 1.9 litres. (So this would be when new without any oil).
  • After draining: 1.8 litres.
So be careful here - you should measure the amount you remove and replace with the same quantity.

Here's the parts diagram for further clarification:
Capn Oil B.PNG
(10) is the Gearbox Breather, (11) the Gearbox Breather Protector and (12) the Gearbox Filler Cap.