C5 suspension questions

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C5 suspension questions

Post by maxxo »

Hello all

so i've got a lovely 53 plate C5 estate

anyway, firstly suspect it needs rear arm bearings as it creaks, rear camber and tyre wear is still fine.....and you can still push the back down easily as well as it having no issues changing height or levelling
that's a job i'm waiting a little while for (basically find someone willing to do it with my supplied parts)

so, i suspect the ride is little bouncy, and firm, the spheres are genuine Citroen so therefore likely to be original

now, is it possible/okay to replace just the front spheres for the time being? just wanting to see what difference it makes as well as not fancying crawling under the rear of the car

also any reccomended places to purchase spheres from? and any tips for replacement

lastly, the ride seems to be much better after i have done a "citrobatics" session, are these worth doing frequently?

many thanks
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Re: C5 suspension questions

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

Get the rear arm bearings replaced as soon as you can, as it is possible for the round holes they utilise to be worn to an oval shape.