C2 central Locking

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C2 central Locking

Post by apples68 »

Hi everyone, thanks for the add.
05 C2 1.4dci central locking problem, tried bsi reset twice. Drivers door locks with fob but only unlocks with key. Boot locks and unlocks as normal with fob. Passenger door is permanently locked. When inside the car, Dash button locks drivers door, which can be unlocked with the inside handle. Sill can't open passenger door with inside handle! Now if you are inside the car and lock it with the dash button, then unlock it with the dash button the drivers door remains locked and you have to open the window and unlock the door with the key to get out. This only happens if you use the dash unlock mode. Hope that makes some sense. Wife has had the car from new done 62,000 runs perfect apart from, and is reluctant to scrap it. Any help would be appreciated. Halfords fitted a radio 16 months ago, this has only happened in the last few weeks.
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Re: C2 central Locking

Post by ozvtr »

I think you have two problems.

There are two relays in the BSI (the fuse box in the glove box) that operate the locks. One relay unlocks the doors and another locks the doors. I think the unlocking relay is bad. There is also a history of these relays going bad.

The second thing is, I think the entire passenger side door lock is bad. It wont lock OR unlock from any standpoint. electrical or mechanical!

The relays can be bought from electronics places like Mauser or RS. You could also pull the BSI out, pull it apart and replace the"upper circuit board" from a wrecker unit.

The passenger lock you could purchase from a breakers or pull it apart. My bet is a component has rusted up inside and no longer functions. You could try lubricating it.