DS 7 reverse camera and satnav retrofitting

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DS 7 reverse camera and satnav retrofitting

Post by Colins81 »

Hi Everyone,

I am new to this forum and just need advice.

I have just taken delivery of my new DS7 crossback. It doesn't have reverse camera and satnav and was wondering if it is possible to fit one in that will work with the infotainment system.

Anyone know if this is possible at all.

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Re: DS 7 reverse camera and satnav retrofitting

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Very unlikely - it's why they are options at order, because there can be 8-10 types of Head Unit, depending on the Vehicle, the fitted equipment, digital / analogue, with / without NAV and other optional extras. Each Head Unit has specific capabilities. I.E. an RCC version of the Head Unit does not have Navigation - and can't be retrofitted. You need a NAC Head unit for Sat Nav.

The reversing camera and software is also tied into the specific Head Unit, so you'll very likely have to add an independent after market system.

For Navigation, either get a separate Tom Tom or use Android Auto / CarPlay with Waze or Apple / Google maps via your smart phone as these should be standard features.
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Re: DS 7 reverse camera and satnav retrofitting

Post by Xantippa »

Carplay and Android Auto are standard, so no need for "internal" navigation-system?

Oh sorry, that was already answered. :rofl2:

It seems that there´s also wireless android auto dongle available soon, so no need to connect phone via usb every time. https://carsifi.com/