citroen relay injectors not injecting fuel help ...

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citroen relay injectors not injecting fuel help ...

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okay so this van has really had me messing about for weeks my weakest point is electrics and that'd we're I baliev the fault lies .
so here is a quick version of what happened I bought a citroen relay 2017 with very little service history like a newb to motoring I did not check timing belt wich 3000 miles later slipped a tooth removing the teeth from the lower half of the belt recovered home.
I then replaced all followers as half were snapped rebuilt engine i could hear a tapping so I decided the head was maybe bad so replaced with a new head I now think there was no issue with the head as the tapping was the fuel pump converter wheel going to the cam is on a spring and that's what I was hearing springing around making the tap now my starter motor also was not turning or seemed to be receiving power so cleaned ground then it would turn starter fine but no fuel will come through the injectors it's at the rail at what I think is good pressure eveything is right timing fuel pump timing it will start of a shot of easy start but no fuel so I then checked all the ecu and scrounging wires and plugs some had water so cleaned eveything up and moved some wires about to clear them from water ingress turned the van over nothing still I then initialised all 4 injecotrs with a diagnostics machine and reset a few things fuel pressure sensor egr dpf not sensor turbo sensors etc then all of a sudden a code that has been present on the vehicle from the first scan after the timing belt failure wich is
:u0019 fault on comfort body can (can~b)
the code actually cleared with the diagnostics machine I turned it over with one injector still hanging out so I could see it injecting and it finally was injecting fuel like it should but did not hear a fire from the other 3 installed injectors so I installed the injector that I was testing hoping it would start as it was now injecting fuel and I removed a snesor of the throttle body to aid the process with a little easy start to see if it helped things spring to life but nothing only the easy start and a little fuel that may have injected earlier fired up for 1 second then nothing again removed injector to test and sure enough nothing again
u0019 code has come back along with air temp sensor that was broken when I bought the van I have done a lot more testing and have spent a bit of money on peugept looking at diagrams etc has anyone ha an issue like this before I would be glad to hear what other people think of this ........