Hello from Huddersfield

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Hello from Huddersfield

Post by KiJimbo »

Hello everyone,
So I've been mainly driving Saabs the 10 years, but by 9-5 2.3 Aero was just getting ridiculous on petrol and running costs, so I've gone sensible and bought a 206sw 1.6hdi, FSH with 110k hoping that it will be a lot cheaper to run. I didn't do my research when I bought it, but having done so my first job is give it regular oil changes using Total's finest - hopefully I can get another 10k out of it. I've also got a 2004 Renault Master that we're SLOWLY converting into a camper.

I've joined the forum as I'll be maintaining it myself (insofar as my skills allow) and will share any update or things of interest.

Before Saabs my previous love were 205s. My first car was a H reg 1.0xe, which was a fabulous car. Some undesirables nicked it and trashed it in a field, so my next one was a 1.9td in white - what a cracking car that was and rapid to boot.

See you around on the forum!

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Re: Hello from Huddersfield

Post by mickthemaverick »

Hi James and welcome.
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Re: Hello from Huddersfield

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

Hi and :welc: to the Forum.
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Re: Hello from Huddersfield

Post by Dormouse »

Hi James. Welcome too. Our Ducato is slowly morphing into a camper called Pint Pot as well. Dip in and out of the blogs and see what catches your fancy. Enjoy!