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Post by Zedster »

Hi I am considering buying a C5 Estate, having loved an old BX some years ago (suspension was great). Decided to join the forum to get some advice. The car will likely be a diesel which I will also need advice on, I am reasonably knowledgeable on petrol engines but no little about diesels. My wife owned a diesel once and had the unfortunate experience of turbo runaway, after which I swore never to buy one, but they say time heals. I do all my own maintenance so particulalrly interested in knowing all things related to that.
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Hi, and :welc: to the Forum. I am on my third C5 estate (all have been diesels), and they are good cars of you look after them properly. There can be problems (such as getting parts for the older C5s and the steering racks on the last generation (known as X7) are known to develop leaks), but they are very comfortable and useful in size.