2011 Citroen C4 2.0HDI DW10CTED - vibration when pulling off

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2011 Citroen C4 2.0HDI DW10CTED - vibration when pulling off

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Hi everyone,

I'm on a hunt to sort out an issue that I have with the C4. When pulling off from stationary the car vibrates pretty bad in 1st gear or reverse. Whilst on free revs, stationary, no vibrations occur. After pulling off and being in a 2nd gear it's all pretty smooth. The gear knob vibrates ever so slightly, or should I say the vibration is not something I would expect (I have two other cars with manual gearboxes and no such vibrations occur on the gear knob) and the clutch pedal does pulse slightly when you press it like 5% or 10% in, but doesn't pulse by just touching the pedal or when it is pressed in.

When I bought it, cheaply, I knew of the defect. The guy that sold the car has changed the clutch kit as he said, saw the invoice which cost £350 (parts only) from eBay and by looking at it on eBay it just doesn't ring genuine parts to me, but I could be wrong. DMF and clutch kit was at this price, but one can get the whole lot from, say, carparts4less for circa £400, so maybe genuine, maybe it's just defective or the clutch itself is alright.

When the cambelt was replaced, the top engine mount was replaced as well as it was torn and that did reduce the vibrations, but did not completely cure them.

I looked under the engine at the lower engine mount and it doesn't look bad, with perhaps a small, hardly noticeable tear line in the rubber.

Except for the lower and top engine mounts, what other mounts I can look at? I know of the gearbox mount underneath the battery and will look at it later.

I've asked the garage to check the cv joints but they said they're alright, but the issue could be in the driveshaft as well.

Any suggestions?