Telematic vin not changing

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Telematic vin not changing

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Hi, i have 2008 auto 2013 and its radio went dead. I bought another one from salvage which was taken out from a 2016 model but its constantly beeping.

Connected my diagbox 9 and can read in repair tab that the vin is different but when i am changing it, it give a configuration error and restarts the player but still beeps.

Can someone please help !!!
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Re: Telematic vin not changing

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The reason is the DB V9.** is pretty much useless for anything other than reading codes. You should of stuck to DB V7.58 or 7.62 Max as these versions retain the ability to configure ECUs. DB 9. is pretty much PSA server-only for ECU configuration.

You have a 2013 vehicle, so DB 7 covers vehicles to at least 2015 - more than enough for your needs. Then you will be likely be able to code the VIN for the new head unit to the BSI.