En route - and the I's have it

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En route - and the I's have it

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We got back from France a few days ago – a two-day drive there by XM, and two back, around 1900 miles in all.

What spotted on the road?
Just three DS-brand in France - how did that happen? Were we right about the launch of the brand being open to question?
An all-electric Zoe, which kept on overtaking us and being overtaken for what seemed like hundreds of miles out of France and then south of Madrid.
Plenty of Teslas, none doing anything more than gentle speed. They seem to spend a lot of time pottering, or charging.
A Twizzy or two out shopping.
Not one XM, Xantia or ZX, on motorway or in towns, even in France.
- and not a single C15 in France, probably because they're all down here in Andalucia.
Some of Renault's best on the péages, including Talisman and Fluence.

But there was a notable exception: C5's a-plenty.
We probably spotted almost twenty, three-quarters of which were Mk.1's, and all of them obviously cared for.

But the big surprise, along the decidedly trans-European route were the HGV's.
British vehicles, just one, in the whole of the four days on the road. Well, that could be the UK's Brexit contribution to lowered HGV emissions, I suppose — but more than made up for by trucks from RO, LT and LV, which were just everywhere, along with F and ES.
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Re: En route - and the I's have it

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white exec wrote:
07 Aug 2021, 09:35
Plenty of Teslas, none doing anything more than gentle speed.
Probably on Autopilot watching Netflix or having a snooze.

That Zoe must have been piling through the juice if it was motoring at legal limits and keeping up with the White Exec

Nice little calculator on the Renault website, there are many answers to the how much range does an electric car get.
Renault pick out speed, and temperature, the big "range" headline in the ads is at 31mph and 20oC.
Regards Neil