ac work on/off

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ac work on/off

Post by adarioni »

I have prob in air condition

All time that my temp on display down to zero ,my air cond not cold .
I was "technical garg" they dont know fix the problem or want just mony .

I try my luck here
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Re: ac work on/off

Post by GiveMeABreak »

You really need to take it to an Air Conditioning Car specialist that can test the system.

It may just need re-gassing, or you may have a leak in the system. Until you have it tested with a dye to check for leaks you won’t know.

Other possibilities are the condenser or the AC compressor itself, but the most common faults are leaks either from stone clippings that put a small hole in the condenser, or the seals or valves. So you will need to get a specialist to hook up their system to test for leaks and the other components which will cost you of course, but has to be done so you are not wasting money guessing.