C5 Tourer Exclusive, windscreen replacement

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C5 Tourer Exclusive, windscreen replacement

Post by Lynnzer »

I suffered a crack to my windscreen on Monday and am having it looked at with the potential of repair rather than replacement as it's only a couple of inches radius with a small chip in the middle.
However, if repair isn't possible and replacement is necessary then I remember that the Exclusive windscreen has superior noise reduction to non exclusive models. Would I be correct with that, and if so would the usual replacement companies be able to fit the one that has better properties than normal?
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Re: C5 Tourer Exclusive, windscreen replacement

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Replacements should have the exact OEM properties of the original.

If you look on your existing windscreen, take a picture of all the markings - there will be various symbols that indicate the features such as an 'ear' symbol, the 'E' marking and various other info. You can use this to make sure you get an equivalently featured screen.

I had my X7 Exclusive screen replaced due to pitting and had one with the original features and had this confirmed that it would be laminated and accoustic as per the OEM with Autoglass. BUT I wouldn't be worried about the fitting so much as the problems with the sunlight and rain sensor!

After they fitted my old sensor back on, it just wasn't right - and despite the old spraying on the windscreen trick - it does not accurately reflect whether the sensor is working correctly. On the X7, it various through about 19 different speeds according to level and intensity of rain and I could see that there was a sort of opaqueness in the gel pad after he removed and reattached the sensor - which was not looking good. I eventually got them to cough up for a replacement sensor, which is £272 inc VAT from Citroen today, so make sure you take pictures of the sensor as it is now - and when they refit it - as any cloudy opaqueness will inhibit the function!

See my post below on the issues I had post-fitting: