Xantia repairs

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Xantia repairs

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there are many issues in Xantia 1.9td 1997 with dhx motor and bosch ac3 fuel pump.

Firstly it gets black smoke from exhaust whilst accelerate on idle. It wouldn´t pass emissions test.
There was carried out decarbonisation with BG products, but with no effect. Injectors does not make any noise (according to haynes literature).
There might be something wrong in catalyst, intercooler, egr valve or lambda sensor (or...), am I right?

Secondly there is malfunctioning air bag ring behind steering wheel. It gets glowing airbag control light on dashboard. I have tried to demount it and mount it again. Control light disappered, but when I turned steering wheel too much, something cracked inside that ring and control light appeared again. Is there chance to repair it or it should be changed?

Thirdly there are coroded tresholds (side steps), is there cheap way to repair it (not buying new ones and welding them)?

Fourthly is there simple way, how to change lower balljoint on front wheel?

Fifthly what torque wrench is for camshaft cover bolts? Haynes says 20 N.m, but cover cracked at 15 N.m. I found it might be around 8-10 N.m, right?

Sixthly front wheels got new brake discs, but stayed there old brake pads. While I rotate with disc, brake pads scratches it. Is it ok for new ones?

Seventhly there is leakage of lhm in front of chassis while I reverse drive. Probably from a hose. Any idea what to do? And there is also leakage from front suspension sphere unit from the top. Can it be repaired?

Thanks for replies.

PS: I didn´t find any solutions in existing topics.
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Re: Xantia repairs

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Air filter or inter-cooler hose broken/loose can cause black smoke.

Air bag ring will need to be replaced.