Blind Spots

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Blind Spots

Post by NewcastleFalcon »

I always thought the biggest blind spot on the Nissan Leaf was the A pillar and the wing mirror passenger side. Can blot out a fair bit of the road at junctions.

Today I had a very narrow escape where I discovered that the combination of the passenger/the B pillar and the headrest blotted out 50 metres of road, in which an approaching car was hidden.

I am very used to country roads and have emerged from that same junction many times. The road to join approaches at a sharp angle to the left where you are looking to the rear through the rear side window mostly but also a bit through the front side window for approaching traffic. Everything was clear except for an approaching car hidden by the passenger one side of the B pillar and the headrest the other with the B pillar in between.

Just a combination of angles, a low traffic country road, and an approaching vehicle hidden in the blind spot.

Luckily a bit of verbal intervention allowed it to be no more serious than a cautionary tale.
blind spots..a near thing.
blind spots..a near thing.
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Re: Blind Spots

Post by Gibbo2286 »

There are a few spots like that around here Neil, you can stretch your neck and see to the next bend and it's mostly ok then you encounter Mr 100 mph and he's up your ass blowing his horn and waving his fist before you clear the junction.
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Re: Blind Spots

Post by mickthemaverick »

I used to have a blind spot along the bottom of my rear window, but since I sold the C5 it has gone away!! (I left it on for the new owner in the hope that he might sign up and join us!! :-D )