Peugeot 207 accelerator wires

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Peugeot 207 accelerator wires

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Hi all

Does anyone have any idea of where the other end of the mauve (VI) wire from the (5-pin) accelerator plug in a 207 Sport goes to?

My car's off the road at the moment (9 days now!) :( because of issues around the accelerator; my mechanic says the problem isn't the accelerator or the throttle unit (both have been changed), but the voltage on this wire is reading 1v which is apparently a bit odd.

We can't find a wiring diagram (my Haynes Peugeot 207 workshop manual doesn't give any useful information regarding this wire) so I'd appreciate any pointers or even a wiring diagram which shows where this wire goes to as I really need my wee Peugeot back.

Many thanks in advance :)