air suspension leak ?

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air suspension leak ?

Post by myfirstpicasso »

Is it normal that every time when I get in the car and close the door the air compressor for the rear suspension starts working .
The car is 2011 Citroen Grand C4 Picasso 165 FAP.
Should it not hold the air for a few days ?

Also , after not using the car for a week I did not notice that the rear was lower than it should be . I mean if the "air cushions" of rear suspension were damaged / leaking air , then the back of car should be visibly lower after 1 week. Or not ?
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Re: air suspension leak ?

Post by GiveMeABreak »

This is normal for the compressor to start correcting the rear suspension - when the doors are opened it wakes up and starts making height corrections in anticipation of you moving off. You'll always get a slight loss of air as the vehicle is left and it will correct this when the vehicle is opened. Nothing to worry about unless the compressor is faulty or the bags are wearing or seals are going.

If the system is faulty then you will start to see delays in the vehicle rising at the rear - possibly on one side more than the other or it failing to raise or it failing to maintain the correct height.