C5 II ISO Fix child seat anchor... Part.

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C5 II ISO Fix child seat anchor... Part.

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The 2005 C5II I have does not have ISO Fix child seat anchors. Does anyone know that part number or know if the factory anchors are bolted on or welded on?

I finally am close to finish restoring my C5II in China and want to use it for a long road trip with my daughter. Thus, I want to be able to mount her child seat into the C5II.

By the way, the other day, my daily use Peugoet 407 which the child seat is normally mounted to, I just realized only the passenger side rear seat have the ISO Fix mount while the driver side do not. Those are welded on, but is there a part number also? I would like to add it so next time my daughter's friend can go out with us using her own seat.

Since UK vehicles have ISO Fix long ago, I thought to best ask people on this forum.


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Re: C5 II ISO Fix child seat anchor... Part.

Post by GiveMeABreak »

There are isofix mountings for the rear outer seats on the C5 MK I and MK II. The anchoring brackets are in the join between the seat cushion and the seat back. If you put your hand in and move it side to side you should feel the 2 rings for each outer rear seat that the isofix seats clamp onto.

There is no Isofix on the front seat on these models - so if using an alternative child seat in the front, you must disable the passenger airbag system with the key.