Please help - what is wrong with my car (again)

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Please help - what is wrong with my car (again)

Post by Katerina »

Hello everyone

I hope I have posted this in the right place??? Please move this on if this needs to be moved.

My car is a 2015 Citroën Cactus. Purchased in end of Jan 2020 & within 2 minutes of driving off the forecourt an engine light appeared. Spun the car around, the guys had a look at the reader & we brought it back in the next morning.

Numerous times light on/off throughout 2020. Obviously the first one had to happen at the start of the pandemic & lockdown... Took a long time to get into the garage of the dealership because of them being closrd6, strict covid guidelines etc. I was told our warranty didn't cover the part? Argued enough to get the car looked at by the dealership garage in summer, informed it was the ad blue gasket? Then jumping a head in December the dealership garage replaced the Ad blue injector after another warning light/UREA at their cost. Told our car was part of a recall which got fitted in February (second lockdown, also told by Peugeot garage who did the recall that it wasn't to do with anything adblue related).

Had the engine light come on & UREA last week now counting down. Took to a garage this morning and been shown these (as attached) codes. Garage told me the car is not fit for purpose & to contact dealership which is what I've done today.

They (dealership) told me what I've been provided doesn't give them enough info (OK?) and what this garage says about not being fit for purpose is not to be relied on. They will look at it, at a cost to ourselves.

Please can anybody advise?

Can anyone help with these codes? I know absolutely nothing of cars, codes etc. Thank you.
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Re: Please help - what is wrong with my car (again)

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

Hi, and :welc: to the Forum. You have posted this thread in the right place.

I cannot offer you any advice myself, as I have no knowledge on the Cactus (or the Ad Blue system). However, it won't be long before others with far more knowledge will chip in. I would suggest you post up the vehicle VIN, as this can help narrow down exactly what the vehicle had fitted when it rolled out of the factory (the VIN will be automatically obscured, as per this example; VF7**************[VIN obfuscated, can be read by forum staff] ).
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Re: Please help - what is wrong with my car (again)

Post by GiveMeABreak »

All the first four of the faults you have listed are missing the additional 2 digits at the end of the code and are not from the proprietary Diagnostic tools used by the official Citroen / Peugeot dealership (so in this regard, the dealership is correct - the garage that provided this report to you are using inferior equipment as they are not providing the full diagnostic codes), so I can't be exact with the fault - so the following are to be considered general:

P208E Relate to the DeNOx system actuator jammed faults.

P20A2: DeNOx system circuit (Urea pump - gauge module): Value lower than setting

P3052: UREA Pressure issue

P20E9: Pressure of the urea solution : Value higher than setting

So basically, you should make sure you deal with the garage you bought the car from. It is true that any after sales campaign or recall work may not be related to your current issues at all, so important to not mix that up unless they have confirmed the recall was for the Adblue system.

What you should know is that for this year and for a few years after, there are issues with the Adblue systems on these - problems range from the DeNOx sensors / Adblue injector / Adblue Pumps in the tanks rusing or malfunctioning etc., so it is impossible to remotely diagnose on a Forum.

I don't know what sort of warranty you have or the history of the vehicle. The vehicle's main warranty would of expired in 2018 sometime, so there's very little chance of Citroen coughing up goodwill gesture towards the work at this stage.

So you only have any warranty you would of had when purchasing and if it was a Citroen Select car, then you should of at least had a year of warranty with them. There may be some allowance for the pandemic - but I can't be sure.

Anything outside of this will very likely be down to you, unless they help cover some costs under that warranty.