2011 207 diesel sportium

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2011 207 diesel sportium

Post by alanty »

i have a metalic knocking noise from the front end when going over bumps in the road,i have checked the exhaust heat shield and suspension but all seems ok any one got any ideas

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Re: 2011 207 diesel sportium

Post by GiveMeABreak »

It may be several things, driveshaft, or any of the bushes in the hubs or pivots or drop links etc.

Best thing you can do is to get it into the dealer or a garage you trust and get it checked over - they should be able to check it out when it's on a ramp and see if anything has any play in it or if the bushes are worn...

The clue is when going over humps, but can also happen on sharp braking or quick acceleration. It may also be a loose exhaust heat shield that has come loose - which can also cause vibration at certain engine revs. But they should also be able to check that out too.