air bags to springs

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air bags to springs

Post by bernard1706 »

Hi all, new to this forum and I hope to tap into some of your knowledge. I have a 2009 c4 grand picasso with rear air suspension which is knackered. Could somebody please give me the part numbers for springs, bottom mounts and bump stops to replace the air bags. Also can the pneumatic system just be deselected in the relevant menu. TIA
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Re: air bags to springs

Post by wheeler »

If you use the search function im sure this has been covered a few times on here.
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Re: air bags to springs

Post by Paul-R »

I did a quick search and found these:

viewtopic.php?t=43652 - A sort of introductory thread
viewtopic.php?t=53830 - More information here ... php?224590 - Following the link from the end of the second thread