Xsarra Picasso Problems since service yesterday

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Xsarra Picasso Problems since service yesterday

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My girlfriend took her Picasso for a full service at a local garage yesterday and this morning has had issues with her clutch and getting the car in gear. I drove the car last week and the clutch was perfect car has only done 45,000 and no issues yesterday driving car for the service. She’s been to the garage and they have refunded her the cash. The mechanic said if you think I’m stripping the slave cylinder and gearbox- I’m not. She took it to another garage to see what the issue was and they are saying the clutch and slave cylinder need replacing this all seems very suspect to me given the service garage mentioned it when refunding the cash. Is there anything that can be done please as we feel this garage is responsible and has done something at service to a car which was fine when she dropped it off?.
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Re: Xsarra Picasso Problems since service yesterday

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There's not really a lot that carrying out a service, even a bad garage, could bring on a clutch failure. Sh*t happens.
Best to wipe your nose and walk away- hey, ho, you got a free full service- maybe?
Now to find a recommendation to a decent garage that will not stripe you for a quality 3 part clutch + the thrust bearing carrier tube, whilst it is all apart.
My only reservation is why the clutch and slave cylinder both failed together at the same time. Maybe another opinion is called for.