Xantia HDi black smoke

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Xantia HDi black smoke

Post by admiral51 »

Hi all
Not sure if this is just in my head or something to worry about.
Car is in my sig a 2000 90bhp HDi xantia and i have never noticed black smoke from the exhaust.
Took it out today and i thought i felt a little hesitation pulling away a kind of flat spot but lasted a milli second and then i noticed some black smoke but only because i think i was looking for something if that makes sense.
Pulls like a train and it does not give out loads of black smoke like a TD under load, more of a puff when you put your foot down for a second and then nothing.
Had it sat on the driveway ticking over to get it to temp for the cooling fans to kick in so did a quick test, foot to floor and a noticeable cloud of black smoke but keep foot down nothing, repeat every few mins the same.
Car has done approx 8k miles since last oil/fuel/air filter change and is due a service but does get driven hard on a 70+ mile round trip 5 days a week to work and majority of those are dual carriageway.
Usually use Shell or Esso but 2 weeks ago did need to stop and put £30 in a Texaco i think, as the Shell was closed on my in to work.
Followed so many non PSA cars and they seem to chuck out loads of black smoke but never seen it on my current vehicle or many other PSA engine ones.
Paranoid or do i have a problem ?
Oh yes car is on 108k and last service was @ 100k so not a mega mileage engine.

Thanks in advance