Grand Picasso c4 aircon leak

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Grand Picasso c4 aircon leak

Post by J1senter »

Hi all I’m hoping you may be able to help. I’ve had my grand Picasso c4 2015 regassed twice in the last 2 years. My local garage can’t find a leak they have put dye in it but can’t find anything. They pressure tested it and it loses 1 bar over 3 hours. Anyone got any ideas
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Re: Grand Picasso c4 aircon leak

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Leaks can be notoriously hard to find and not always in the obvious places.

You may have a leak in or near the evaporator box inside the dash. There are probes with UV lights or 'sniffers' that can be used to better detect any leaks from these areas.

Having said that, it took the main dealer 4 attempts on 4 separate visits after recharging to find a leak in my C5. A tiny nick at the top of the condenser.

Shrader valves are another thing to check.

In case you are considering it, personally speaking I would avoid any so-called AC leak sealers as these can cause damage to the system as they search for temperature differences that would be found with a leak and then react and solidify - this is the stuff that can then cause blockages elsewhere. Always better to try and get a repair done if you can.