Upgrading RD4 to RD45 on C4

This unit is the RD4 or RD45 system, made by Continental.
Usually standard equipment unless another system is specified as an option. There are Single & Dual Tuner versions. RD45 features over the RD4: The RD45 has USB connectivity & integrated Bluetooth module supporting Phone & Audio Streaming.

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Upgrading RD4 to RD45 on C4

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Hi there,

First time poster (and French car owner) here.
I just bought a 2009 Citroën C4 1.6l VTi VTS which I will be picking up the coming weekend. It has an RD4 unit (this is the standard unit right?), and I want to upgrade to a bluetooth RD45 unit.
What parts do I need for this upgrade?

From what I have read, I will need the RD45 unit, a microphone cable and a type C display if I don't already have that.
Is there a way for me to find out what I have in terms of display?

Additionally, what is the easiest way to code the display with Lexia, as it also has rear parking sensors and tire pressure sensors too, which I want to have working correctly.

Thanks for all your help!