Citroenc c5 x7 panoramic roof

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Citroenc c5 x7 panoramic roof

Post by CITROENC5100 »

Hello, so it's been a while since my panoramic roof blinders got broken (not the electrical part) blinders got stuck when it's been going one way and broke rails or something now every peace is moving freely separately. So i have been thinking can somehow i repair those broken blinders without taking out roof or do i need to search for new headliner with broken electrical part and swap them out? maybe someone have done this job and have some advice where i should start taking out roof.
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Re: Citroenc c5 x7 panoramic roof

Post by GiveMeABreak »

I think you'll find the headlining has to come off to get access to the various parts and to check out the system before you'll even know what is broken to be honest.... and to do that you'll need to remove the grab handles and sun flaps etc. and you'll need to bond it back again after. So if this is something you are considering you'll need somebody else to assist and allow plenty of time when you don't need the car.