Hi and can someone help me out....

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Hi and can someone help me out....

Post by unter_hosen »

Hey all,

I joined up as I have some parts for a Citroen XM 2.0 turbo, which I have no idea how much they would be worth.

Basically, if they are worth anything, I will part with them to someone who can use them, but if they are not worth anything, I may as well hold on to them in case I decide to use them for the project I originally bought them for.

I have a manifold for the XU10 engine, plus a turbo rebuilt by turbo technics (with the receipt), which makes it basically brand new as it has never been used since. There are a smattering of other parts, such as the solid induction hose, gaskets, oil pipes etc.

Anyone have any idea how much those parts would be worth these days?


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Re: Hi and can someone help me out....

Post by Peter.N. »

Have a look on Ebay under Citroen XM then look down the list of tick boxes down the top left hand side, tick the 'completed sales' one and that should tell you how much the last one went for, if they have sold any recently.