Vapour through vents??

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Vapour through vents??

Post by Estate87 »

Morning all

I've got a 2009 C5 Exclusive Tourer and whilst driving this morning with the climate control on auto I noticed a vapour coming through mainly the two air vents on the drivers side of the car.

There were no weird smells and the car drove fine as well the air con still being quite cold.

Any ideas? I had the air con system drained, pressure tested and re gassed about 2 months ago. Should I take It back to the garage that did this?

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Re: Vapour through vents??

Post by white exec »

Have had that just once.
Cause was insufficient cooling (humidity condensing on the cooled air = mist). A re-gas sorted it.
Could also be dehumidification condensate from the heater (evaporator matrix) not draining away properly - i.e. a blocked/partially blocked drain pipe.