C4 Transmission Problem

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C4 Transmission Problem

Post by andrewwaltho »

Hi, my 2005 C4 hatch (1.6 l petrol automatic) has developed an intermittent transmission problem. The car has done 110,500 lm and been maintained by a French car specialist mechanic in Brisbane since we purchased it, used, five years ago. It’s in really good condition generally.

The car, generally, runs perfectly. On a longer trip, however, once the transmission gets warm (after 40-50km), it can be very rough taking off after stopping. The car feels like the transmission is not engaged - there is no forward motion when I lift my foot off the brake, and there is quite a thump when the transmission engages as the accelerator is depressed. Every other gear change, up or down, is perfect. It’s an intermittent problem.

I’m keen to learn whether anyone has encountered this, and whether you were able to correct the problem.
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Re: C4 Transmission Problem

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Hi Andrew, do you have the VIN (automasked on post submission) so I can check the exact system you have and have you had it diagnosed for any faults - if so, please post them up.