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Post by banzaiman »

Hi all

I'm thinking of purchasing a Peugeot 3008 but I've got a few concerns. Was hoping someone might be able to put my mind at ease. I've never owned a French car before but i know they aren't exactly the most reliable (Please correct me if I'm wrong and i don't mean to offend anyone) I've read some slightly worrying issues such as having to reset the BSI and you can only disconnect and reconnect the battery a certain way standing on your left leg while hopping on your right and crossing your fingers :? can anyone explain if this is a common issue? Of all the cars I have owned I've never come across a procedure for disconnecting and reconnecting a battery, its just negative terminal off then back on. Do independent garages know about this method or will i have to explain it to them every time it needs any work doing to it? I think this is the only thing that's putting me off buying a French car. Also, I have a Delphi 150e diagnostic device and wondered if this works on these cars, i've checked and it does seem to have the functions such as DPF fluid reset and Parking brake service mode etc

Thanks for any advice
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Re: Hello

Post by captainkephart »

Hi Banzaiman,
Maybe start a completely new post, in the Peugot section, with a more meaningful subject line, such as
"Peugot 3008 buying advice - common faults?"

You might get a better response!
Good luck, Capn K
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Re: Hello

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

Hi and :welc: to the Forum.

Yes, there is a routine that you should follow when you are removing the battery. This is because there are a lot of various ECUs in the PSA vehicles, and they should be 'allowed' to shut down properly first. The routine is on the Forum, but look at it this way; do you switch you PC off at the mains or tell it to shut down from the Start menu? However, this routine (when followed properly) can often clear any 'glitches' that may have occurred.


You would only need to do the BSi reset either when you are replacing the battery or undertaking any work that could affect the electrics (such as changing the starter motor). Decent PSA specialists ought to know about and follow the BSi reset if it was required.