Very old new member!!!

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Very old new member!!!

Post by dafydd »

I have to confess to "lurking" on this forum for the last week or two after my Citroen C5 appears to have developed the dreaded steering leak!

I have had many Citroen's over the years. My first was a 1960 DS19, followed by a DS21 Safari, two CX, an XM and I am now on my second C5.

I still have the Peter Russek Repair Guide for Citroen DS and ID. It is rather dog-eared, but if it is of use to anyone I can post it to them.

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Re: Very old new member!!!

Post by mickthemaverick »

Hi David and :welc:
Glad you decided to join in. I am sure the manual will be of use to someone although it won't be me!! Have a good look round the forum from the Board Index above and you will find, expertise, entertainment, amusement, banter and much more, especially in the Off Topic Chat Lounge or OTCL as it's known. The forum has a true family atmosphere and you will get a warm welcome wherever you choose to contribute. Cheers :-D
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Re: Very old new member!!!

Post by Dormouse »

Hi and welcome. Dive into the various topics - it is a diverse forum. I assume, like me, you have had your 3 score and 10 years but don't worry - there is plenty to find and enjoy. Cheers.
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Re: Very old new member!!!

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

Hi, and :welc: to the Forum.