New cabin in my Citroën C3 2010

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New cabin in my Citroën C3 2010

Post by Lolsigsk99 »

Hey everyone 8-)
I've seen a couple of guys successfully manage to fit a cabin from a DS3 into a C3. My question is now if anybody knows whether or not a cabin (the seats) from a Peugeot 208 would fit too?? I'm aware that the rails probably would need adjusting, but specifically in regards to their general size and with?
The reason being is that I've got my eye set on a full leather 208 GTI cabin that I reckon would look awesome in my little C3
Looking forward to hearing from ya.[-o<
Best regards
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Re: New cabin in my Citroën C3 2010

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Rails and seats are different. Don't forget you also have the issue with the seat belt pyrotechnics / pretensioners and the lateral airbags fitted to the seats that are completely different, so would mean they a) probably would not work and b) the car would no longer meet the manufacturer's certification, which would mean the car won't meet the safety standards so will void your insurance.