New for old. Is it feasible

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New for old. Is it feasible

Post by Lynnzer »

When I took my C5 X7 (2014 2.0 HDI Exclusive) tourer in to the dealer for a warranty job the owner's C5 was on the forecourt on sale. I've mentioned this in another post.
It's a beautiful motor and I expected it to be better than mine as, well, let's face it, the owner gets the best eh?
The one thing that was different though that I would really like on mine is the newer satnav & radio. Mine has the old Mway setup that takes ages to start up when the ignition is switched on, and the new one has digital satnav radio etc.
It seems to me that it would be possible to change over by swapping the satnav and the radio panel for the new ones.
The radio buttons etc are different as well on the new panel but I think they would still be doing the same job as the older version.
So, says he chewing things over...... has anyone got words of wisdom on this? Can it be done relatively easily?
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Re: New for old. Is it feasible

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

As the radio/satnav is highly integrated into the rest of the car electronics it is virtually impossible to upgrade them. There are major differences in the wiring looms, the aerials, and so on.

The best analogy I can come up with would be to compare an old style HiFi (valve amplifier, FM radio, turntable and reel to reel tape recorder) to a modern system (solid state amplifier, DAB radio, CD player and SD card slot).
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Re: New for old. Is it feasible

Post by Paul-R »

If it's 2014 model then surely it will have the eMyWay (RT6) fitted - my 2013 model certainly does.

If the very last radio fitted to the X7 was the SMEG+ then that's the same (or very similar) as our 308 so I feel qualified to comment on this.

The touchscreen on the SMEG+ is OK but there are definite disadvantages to putting so much on to the various screens. I really miss having separate controls for the heating and ventilation on the 308. The 308 has DAB+ as part of its specification so that's a definite plus if it's on the X7. From photos I've seen removing so many buttons from the X7 dash makes it look less luxurious - strange but true.

The touchscreen has a couple of definite advantages, you can move the map around to look at an area that would be off screen on the RT6. You can also tap on roads to find out their name or number. Oh, the SMEG+ is much quicker to load updated maps. Nearly twice as quick I reckon.
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Re: New for old. Is it feasible

Post by GiveMeABreak »

I would counter against updating it to the SMEG 7" Touchscreen.

It can be done, but costly, as a lot of the functions that had buttons are moved into the touchscreen control. The fascia and wiring are different as well as the plug modules for the various switches. I know somebody did it in Europe and spent thousands to do it after he had all the modules, trim screen and unit, wiring etc.