Remap v tuning box

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Remap v tuning box

Post by Lynnzer »

OK guys 'n gals I'm sure there'll be some forum member who has had an ECU remap or had a tuning box installed. I'm exploring the advantages and downsides of doing the same. My C5 Tourer 2.0 HDI 160bhp automatic is the target vehicle.
I still have 8 months warranty left on the car and I know that tuning it via the ECU remap will invalidate that, I guess they'd not be aware of any change though.

The tuning box option ... g-box-chip seems to give much the same results than a remap so has anyone got personal experiences of either option and how the performance improved etc.
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Re: Remap v tuning box

Post by Sloppysod »

ECU remap, I think you will find it can't be done as Citroen, like many other Manufacturers have had to seal them as part of emission reduction requirements.
As for the tuning box, I fitted somthing similar to my Mk1 C5, yes got better performance and economy (I was getting about 50mpg at motorway speeds on a 2.0l Hdi Auto!), but I also ended up part exchanging the car as I had a fuel supply fault I could not find/fix, probably not related but............... .
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Re: Remap v tuning box

Post by wheeler »

Lynnzer wrote:
29 May 2021, 18:41
I guess they'd not be aware of any change though.
Yes they can tell as the software versions wont match with originals.
Some manufacturers like BMW’s equipment can tell if the ecu has been remapped even if it is put back to original before it goes in to them.I was speaking to a remapper a while back & apparently a big skull & crossbones appears on the screen if the ecu has ever been altered with anything but BMW’s equipment, even if the original map has been installed back on.
He said there are very few ECU’s he cant do & about 90% can be done via OBD, the rest can be done with the ECU on the bench. Most modern PSA vehicles are done via OBD.
Id personally wait till it was out of warranty as its a perfect get out of jail card for the dealers.
Also if the vehicle ever gets a software update done at the dealers it will wipe your remap.
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Re: Remap v tuning box

Post by Oldpug »

Don't forget your insurance, any mods must be declared. ECU`s are often checked after an accident claim.
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Re: Remap v tuning box

Post by GiveMeABreak »

As for tuning 'boxes' give them a wide berth - I tried one on my MK II C5 for the very reason I did not want the engine ECU touched. This was not a cheapo Chinese affair either it cost £400! There was no difference (which I half-expected) and sent it back a week later satisfied in the knowledge I was right all along - bloody useless.
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Re: Remap v tuning box

Post by Y Cymro »

I agree with Marc regarding tuning boxes and wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole. My friend had his 2l hdi X7 remapped by Viezu and the difference in acceleration is surprising - quite a quick car now - with 200bhp it’s as quick as a 2.2l. He reports no difference in fuel economy.
I’ve also used Superchips in the past (not a Citroen) with great effect.
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Re: Remap v tuning box

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

I know that Michel has had remapping done, and has been satisfied with the results. More than that I cannot say.
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Re: Remap v tuning box

Post by Michel »

Had both the Berlingo and my brother’s 207 HDi remapped to 123bhp and 230lb/ft by

Both were done 5 years ago and both still running fine. The Berlingo was way better with the extra power and would do a sat-nav verified 118mph up from the standard 99mph, fully loaded up an autoroute dashing for the ferry. The 0-60 time, times using a proper timing app dropped to 9.0 seconds, (from 13.4!) though I only tried that twice as the clutch didn’t enjoy that at all. The most impressive part was the in-gear flexibility though, very good indeed.

Also had my Focus ST remapped, my Impreza WRX and my current motorbike, though the bike is done for rideability rather than power (it gained an extra 6bhp).

Done properly, remaps are a good thing.