DS3 - Engine Fault Repair Needed

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DS3 - Engine Fault Repair Needed

Post by mitchu »

Good evening,

Unfortunately my car has thrown up this error once again, so I am coming to the forums to hopefully get some advice on it. About a week ago, my car threw up this error "Engine Fault, Repair Needed", I was very stressed and sad about it, took it to a mechanic and he ended up replacing a coil pack along with all the spark plugs (he said there was a misfire, which he cleared the fault for), all seemed fine and car ran well, however, every morning as it warmed up I noticed these "farts" (clip for reference: well today after that very clip, my car gave me an engine warning light, along with putting the radiator fan on at full blast, I can only assume that this misfire has come back, and the only culprit I can point towards is the timing belt. I bought the car back in February, and owned it for about 2 weeks before the timing belt rattle came to haunt me, I have been ignoring it (since I can't afford to change the timing belt at the moment), so I am assuming that might be the problem here. Funny thing about this whole situation is that once the car warms up it all seems fine.

I plan to have the timing belt and water pump changed at the start of next month. However, I am wondering if anyone else has experienced such a problem, and if there's anything I could do (for a reasonable price).

Thank you,
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Re: DS3 - Engine Fault Repair Needed

Post by gwest »

Mitch, it would be useful to know the age and mileage of your car. If you read up the known faults of these engines (also used on Gen 2 MINIS) you will see that you can expect continuing problems: e.g. https://www.etuners.gr/peugeot-citroen- ... icing-101/.
With respect to the engine faults my guess is that your intake valves are clogged, and the noisy startup could be explained by a failing timing chain tensioner. The latter can be replaced, and at the same time the amount of wear on the chain measured using the gauge supplied with the timing tool. However, access to the rear of the motor is terrible so getting the intake valves inspected and cleaned if necessary (walnut shell blasted) is expensive, and replacing the tensioner is also not trivial. I think the only happy owners of these cars when they get older are people who can repair them themselves.
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Re: DS3 - Engine Fault Repair Needed

Post by xantia_v6 »

It is possible that one of the new coils has failed due to a manufacturing defect.