Trains + Target zero.

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Trains + Target zero.

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Re: Trains + Target zero.

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Gibbo2286 wrote:
17 May 2021, 13:24
HS2 Curzon Street. ... e519f.jpg
These are the key target times published by HS2, compared with actual fastest times for corresponding journeys today: London-Birmingham: 45 minutes (81 minutes) London-Manchester: 67 minutes (125 minutes) London-Leeds: 81 minutes (133 minutes)
You could while away half an hour in the pleasing environment of the new Curzon Street Station and still arrive at a vitally important business meeting 5 minutes earlier than you would have done before HS2 :-D

Regards Neil
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Re: Trains + Target zero.

Post by Dormouse »

Edinburgh's Waverley Station has lots of glass roofs and even more pigeons! Pigeons will find roosts anywhere even on top of bird spikes.