Please help!

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Please help!

Post by Grant533 »

Hi all, happy Friday!

I have a 207 GT and had the code p1339 come up. Changed all spark plugs and coils and cleared the EML. It's stayed off but when accelerating and high revs the car is spluttering. As if the turbo is coming in and out. I do have a cone filter and sometimes it hisses before I let my foot of the acceleration.

There is a rattle from engine area when accelerating in gear after 3000rpm almost like metal?

On a cold start up the air filter is sucking in air from the start, is this (normal)??

There is still a slight misfire I think as when I accelerate and let my foot of the gas my exhaust pops once. A lot of smoke coming out exhaust too

Bit worried to drive it as don't want to do any damage?
EP6DT engine if it helps

Kind regards,

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Re: Please help!

Post by gwest »

How many miles has your car got on it Grant and do you think it could be carbon build up on the inlet valves and ports? And has your timing been checked and inlet valve Vanos solenoid been checked for blockage?