DS5 Front Suspension Sound

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DS5 Front Suspension Sound

Post by Zulhilmi »

Hi everyone. I currently own a 2018 DS5 and I love it to bits. But one thing that always annoys me and many other DS5 owners is obviously the suspension. The ride is very rough on patchy roads and potholes.
But, as if it couldn't get any worse.

Last night I was driving down the motorway, everything was fine and smooth. As soon as I get to a speed bump or potholes, the front goes over it, and when it goes back down there is a sound. I don't know how to describe it, but I may say it sounds as if it was crunching or something that is grinding. Like it was loose and it grinds every time I hit a speed bump or potholes.

This has happened before, about a month ago. Brought it to the DS service center, and the mechanic says the mounting of the suspension was loose, so all they did was tighten up the bolts. The sound did go away but not totally. Before I drive it to the service center again, I just wondered if anyone else experienced the same problem as I did and if there was any other solution to it.

Thank You.