1.6 HDI timing setting

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1.6 HDI timing setting

Post by danielprasal »

Hi All,

I have just purchased quite old Peugeot 207 with 1.6 HDI 90bhp engine. Done complete service and decided to replace timing belt as there was no evidence that has been changes since new. The car has 14 years and 100k miles on clock.

All went well until I made a horrible mistake while refitting serpentine belt. I have that bloody stretchy belt, and at some point was easier to turn engine crankshaft counterclockwise. Turned just a bit (let's say 20 degrees), and 2 or 3 clicks were noticeable from cam cover area. While after I wasn't able to handcrank the engine. It started to locking. From what I researched already, I diagnosed timing chain between camshafts must have skip 2 or 3 teeth. And now exhaust camshaft is not in time with intake. Long story short, I'm in the middle of stripping the top of the engine, to have access to that chain and set it back to correct timing. I stuck a bit with two injectors, but soaked it with EGR cleaner and hoping it will move some day this week.

But my main question is, that the first piston (counting from timing belt) is in downstroke of upstroke when set with the locking pin? I'm asking as at the moment I cannot hand turn the engine to lock the crank sprocket and cam sprocket either. I will need to take the belt of and set the position of both wheels independently. And just wanted to be sure that crankshaft sprocket is in correct position. I have 50/50 at the moment. And can't find the correct position.

Would appreciate any help.

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Re: 1.6 HDI timing setting

Post by discv »

I don't really understand your question, but the fact that you have 2 injectors stuck seems to indicate it might be advisable to have a look at the injector seals and seats. After all you are very near and to lift the head is just a small step. This way you can be 100% of where everything is.
Keep an eye open for any sign of gritty particles in the oil around the camshafts.