screaming sound starting engine

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screaming sound starting engine

Post by mrmint »

When I start the enginge, it is like screaming high pitched sound like metal to metal sound, only the first second when i start the engine, what can that be?
Only happens when engine is cold,

I have an appointment tnext week to change the multirem/drivebelt or what it is called in technical term, that runs the ackompressor but it cannot be that one?


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Re: screaming sound starting engine

Post by white exec »

Most likely that alternator/AC/auxiliary belt.
Immediately after an engine start, there is a huge electrical demand on the alternator, and demand = belt drag.
If you have the AC on as well, that will put additional strain on the belt.

While it's making the noise, you can check it is that belt by squirting some water (not WD40!) at it. If it quietens down, it was that belt.

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Re: screaming sound starting engine

Post by xantia_v6 »

If the crank pulley is a dual-mass type, it could be the rubber starting to delaminate.