Wing mirrors

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Wing mirrors

Post by Estate87 »

Morning all

I can't remember how to log the settings of the wing mirror adjustment when going into reverse? I've got an '09 C5 Exclusive tourer.


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Re: Wing mirrors

Post by GiveMeABreak »

1) Ok, so switch the mirror adjustment switch to the left or right depending on the mirror you want to programme.
2) With engine running, engage reverse gear.
3) Now adjust the mirror position and index to how you want it (i.e to view the kerb)
4) When in the desired position and with the car still in reverse, start to reverse a few feet or so
5) Then engage first gear and drive forward a few meters (it may take a few seconds to revert back to the standard driving view position.
6) Test, by again going into reverse. It should now assume the pre-programmed position from the previous steps.
7) Repeat for the other mirror.

Note: After you have programmed the mirrors as desired, programme the electric sets as to how you want them and also the Air Conditioning settings that you want, then Press the M button once on the driver's door Memory control switch bank, let go then select Memory button 1 or 2 and hold it down until it makes a bong. This will memorise all the seat current mirror, heating control positions for you.