2014 C4 Picasso Replacement NS Wing Mirror

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2014 C4 Picasso Replacement NS Wing Mirror

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Good afternoon

I am looking for a replacement passenger side wing mirror for our 2014 registered Citroen C4 Picasso 1.6 e-HDi Airdream Exclusive+ ETG6 5dr. It has the power fold / puddle light / blind spot sensor as I understand it. Citroen have quoted me around £550 for a brand new unit but they won't provide the part number which I was hoping for as I want to try and source one online through a breakers yard etc. Is anyone able to provide me with the genuine part number for replacement please? I can provide the vehicle Ref / VIN number if required. The mirror housing is fine, I believe it's the parts within that have failed as the power fold no longer operates, must have clipped another mirror or hedge at some point #-o . I am still able to operate the electric tilt function to some extent.

Many thanks, John