Do XUDs, DW8s and DW10s interchange?

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Do XUDs, DW8s and DW10s interchange?

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Hello everybody.

This question came up recently and I remembered that I had a login for this forum from a long time ago, so I thought I'd ask here, you guys will know no doubt.

Please note this question Is about the engine to transmission joint only.

Is it true that the XUD and the DW8 and the DW10 share the same bellhousing and crank face and starter location etc?

So a DW10 will bolt to a stock transmission from a much older XUD7 powered car using the stock XUD7 flywheel/clutch/starter etc? Can anybody positively confirm or deny that?

Obviously there are other things to change like the mounts, wiring harness, ECU, fuel system etc etc but we are used to that stuff, that's no problem. My question is purely about mating the engine and transmission.

A few people said they bolt up ok. A few other people said that there's a problem with the flywheel since the DW10 gets its crank angle data from a encoder on the flywheel, so just putting a stock XUD flywheel on it won't work. But I am not sure which version is correct, could anybody here clear this up?

Thank you