Good and bad - C4 Cactus, 09/2019, 1.5Hdi blue 100

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Good and bad - C4 Cactus, 09/2019, 1.5Hdi blue 100

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Seven months' ownership, only 2,500km in that time. First, the good point. 75mpg. And that is mostly short (<10miles) journies. But so many irritations. The central display is pretty basic and it's only possible to go through the menu with the engine running - if it isn't you only get 2 mins before display turns off. No adjustment on seatbelt height. Bulbous stiffening bar running along the body at windscreen top means you bang your head when getting in. 'A' pillar is wide, tricky round LH corners. Rear side windows can only be opened when car stationary. Boot lid has only one holder (on the right side) to pull it shut. Cubby hole between seats is too far back. On mine, stop/start doesn't work (it is called for in the menu) but I don't care. No spare wheel/jack etc. Some stupid gunge/inflator. So if you want to swap wheels front to rear it's a garage job.