Advice on removing DV6 injector studs

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Advice on removing DV6 injector studs

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My daughters 80k 308 with a DV6 has leaking injector seals and loose injector clamps. There is a receipt in the service book for all the seals being done already but I suspect because they are loose they just tightened down on the old studs again.

The good news is all 4 injectors came straight out. The bad news is 2 of the 8 studs are out but the other 6 won't move. I am being cautious and using a small 1/4 racket so as not to be too aggressive. The 2 that came out clicked and were immediately finger tight. I felt one of the others start the yield but it didn't click and come loose so I stopped.

Any advice on how not to snap these suckers in the rocker cover or do I just need to be brave and pray???