DS3 Head gasket failure?

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DS3 Head gasket failure?

Post by Brian60 »

My son bought a DS3 (pre owned) from the main dealer 2 years ago and its been nothing but trouble. It's out of the extended warranty he took out and the latest problem seems to be head gasket failure - milky brown sludge on the dip stick and the oil filler cap. The main dealer has quoted him at least £2000 to fix it depending on what they find, does this seem right or not?

I'm sure our local garage will do it for a lot less, they are dependable and have never let me or the wife down with our cars when we lived in the UK, but my son has got it into his head the main dealer should do it, I can see them rubbing their hands together already, he only paid £8000 for the car. It's one of those jobs I'd even do myself if I was back in the UK! I just odn't want him to jump in with both feet, Evans Halshaw are already trying to talk him into buying another car instead of fixing it.