Caliper torx bolts for Dispatch

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Caliper torx bolts for Dispatch

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Hi, I've got a 2015 1.6 HDI dispatch and I've tried to get the calliper off to replace the discs at the rear, I've managed to do one side by butchering it a bit but I just cant get the bolts out of the other side. Its not the guide pin bolts its the ones that hold the pad carrier to the stub axle think they might be E16.

I wouldn't mind but I've got the correct torx socket for them but you cant get a socket on so I've tried to undo them with a 12 pint spanner insted but its just chewed the heads up, I can't even budge them with a chisel so the next step is top grind them off and hope I can get the rest out with some grips, I think they might be threadlocked as well though.

So does anyone know the part number or what size they are so I can replace them with new or hex bolts preferably.