Pax seat electric connection schematic

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Pax seat electric connection schematic

Post by belaprops »

Dear all,

I have to travel with a lot of materials in my car long distances and removed the pax seat thereof to make it much safer.
Does any one know which pins of the seat connector will correct the airbag error. I presume it's a resistance the car is looking for.
The issue is that I drive long distances and need cruise control which won't work if there is a fault coming up of any kind.

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Re: Pax seat electric connection schematic

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Without wanting to sound negative, removing a seat is a safety issue / concern and the car isn’t designed to be driven with a seat missing, not least because of the safety system functionality.

If you were to have an impact with the curtain or passenger airbags going off whilst carrying objects, you might risk not only a serious personal injury from projectile ‘goods’ but could be prosecuted.

So it won’t be something we are going to advise you about on the grounds of modifying safety systems without them being present seeing as you have removed the passenger seat. I hope you understand.